How MRI Social Housing worked with us to co-create the Resident Voice Index™ - data as thought leadership that showcases the best of their capabilities

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The Resident Voice Index™ initiative is a long-term thought leadership project delivered to the social housing sector for free by MRI Software. MRI Software is a global proptech provider, working across multiple regions, market segments, drivers and client business types. The Resident Voice Index™ was created as part of a framework that could flex to meet a complex set of engagement objectives.

us marketing has worked with MRI to deliver this ground-breaking piece of work since its inception. Creating comprehensive strategies and offering a diverse range of expertise, the contributions of us marketing have been integral to the continuing success of the Resident Voice Index™ project.

From its beginnings, the project looked to mobilise social housing residents throughout the UK via direct networks and online community outreach to gather their experiences and feelings across multiple topics. This came at a time when both residents’ and the general public’s trust in the sector had been damaged – a state that persists. With regulation on the horizon, integrating the voice of the resident has increased in urgency.

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MRI Software

MRI Software is a leading provider of web-based solutions for housing associations and local authorities in the UK and Ireland.

In total they serve more than 3,000 organisations in social, affordable, public and community housing worldwide, of which more than 800 are in the UK.



Integrating multiple UK housing tech heritage brands within a powerful global structure required a new brand identity to be firmly established for MRI Social Housing (the UK social housing branch of MRI Software). Bringing together this great pool of capabilities and knowledge, alongside a large direct network of social housing residents, MRI were in the position to utilise the substantial toolkit at their disposal to deliver a piece of genuine thought leadership for free to the sector. Working together from its inception, us marketing and MRI Social Housing sought to establish a brand asset that could illustrate the expertise and capabilities within the business, deliver timely insights to the sector from unique data and build a community. Kicking off this exciting project with MRI Social Housing, us marketing undertook extensive desk research to establish gaps in topics and provision that would be welcomed by the social housing sector. One outcome that was uncovered early on was the need to go beyond established satisfaction metrics. The Resident Voice Index™ initiative was therefore, built upon this principle. Following this, us marketing built a comprehensive strategy, encompassing a research approach, a participatory consultation plan, and brand awareness, engagement and launch strategies.


The project is a collaborative effort across multiple specialists in the social housing sector, including the Housing Associations Charitable Trust (HACT), who we have worked alongside to design the surveys and the Housing Quality Network (HQN), with whom we have delivered consultations with both sector professionals and social housing residents.

The initial survey, ‘Neighbourhoods & Communities’, was designed and launched in Spring and Summer 2021 with a comprehensive brand awareness and engagement plan to ensure substantial take up for an initiative that was new to the market. A full content strategy was deployed by us, including both paid and organic social media, direct marketing, and animated and written content production.

1,500 survey takers are required in order for the results of these surveys to be of value. In this initial round, almost 4,000 UK social housing residents participated, a number that rose to over 4,100 for the second survey, ‘Community Support & Life After Lockdown’, that was launched in Winter 2021.

As co-authors of the subsequent Resident Voice Index™ reports, we’ve got stuck into the qualitative data analysis, gathering supporting evidence and reaching out to topic experts to bring this unique data to life.

This work fed into the wraparound launch plan for both B2B and B2C audiences, that included blog and editorial content creation, social media, press relations and podcasts.

In its short lifetime so far, the Resident Voice Index™ project has been shortlisted for a Housing Digital Innovation Award for Most Innovative New Product, has garnered interest from the NHF Together with Tenants scheme and has been well received by the sector.

We are looking forward to our continued role in this important project.

“We wanted to be known for more than just delivering tech. Our goal was to be seen as an ideas business, and the RVI succeeded in helping us accomplish that”
James Lavery, VP EMEA Marketing, MRI Software

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