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English Language Learning

One of ELL’s core statements is to bring heritage brands to the new age learner – the Millennial and beyond who consumes and learns on their terms in their time on their device. Our brand designers worked on bringing the spirit of tradition into the present age and environment to create a brand architecture that felt trustworthy, contemporary and global. From there, all activities focused on digital and social first approaches to support the e-learning modules.

English Language Learning


ELL democratises learning by bringing together the tried and proven world class learning of partners – old and new – with new digital technology and channels. The aim was to break down borders and barriers by making world class learning affordable to anyone with the ambition to succeed in their career in life. 

“We give you all you need to succeed – you bring the rest!”

The project needed mass market exposure at low cost so a social first approach using influencers was adopted. We collaborated with various Youtube Tutors with high follower bases, through the use of partner and sponsored videos.

Digital support focused on a web build, international e-commerce capabilities and a strong SEO and social media advertising approach that built and maintained brand presence and led to direct purchases by learners who were willing and able to complete their studies.

This was combined with classic sales approaches such as a 2 for 1 offer, translated landing pages (Spanish/Mandarin/French), affiliate payments, our own educational content across social channels, PPC and social advertising & re-targeting – all with the objective of driving mass traffic whilst aiming for a 2/3% conversion rate.


The most successful example of this was with the English with Lucy YouTube Channel, which now has a subscriber base of 7.5m viewers (at the time she had 1m). Three videos were created and launched on the channel (one pure promo and two sponsored lessons on location in Oxford).

They garnered a 2.5% social conversion rate, followed by 5% on site to the thank you page. In less than a week, over 500 new students joined who went on to achieve a pass rate exceeding 70% and high student retention rates – one of the requirements from Oxford University. 

The student base was across every time-zone and territory, including China where we had amplified in-country communication by using WeChat and Weibo.

On-site conversion rate behaviour showed that a student would spend at least 30 minutes on the site, view over 12 pages and visit a minimum of four times on average.

We understood that this was because buying education is not an impulse purchase and shouldn’t be and that in many of the countries we targeted, parental influence remained strong. We also discovered a correlation between this behaviour and overall student retention and success in study.

Continued digital activities see a steady student intake with social media marketing including snippet learning where posts are constructed to teach grammar and vocabulary to the 20,000 Facebook followers.

This project was really a challenge. The content is evergreen and high quality. The hard work came in the digital transformation but it was a great job well done.

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