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ELL Business was created by the same team that launched English Language Learning with Oxford University. Having seen the success of online learning through languages, they expanded into the professional development space by acquiring an extensive catalogue of short courses.

The proposition was to market courses individually to learners as well as organisations looking to provide a wide range of learning to meet their insurance and staff development commitments.

The challenge was understanding how to successfully deliver and sell thousands of hours of online learning into a highly competitive marketplace, where learning of all kinds is now at anyone’s fingertips.

ELLBusiness marketing
ELLBusiness marketing

ELL Business offers over 100 short courses across a breadth of topics that are relevant for any working professional. From leadership and management to HR, finance, sales & marketing through to soft skills development. The courses are delivered as e-learning and virtual learning.


The acquired content was generic and had been produced in outdated formats and not necessarily fit for purpose. We believed that the course materials needed updating for a modern audience who wanted to consume and learn in a virtual and online environment with a social learning and media friendly approach.


A brand kit was created that aligned with the original ELL brand, while differentiating itself. All the courses were modernised with the contemporary brand approach, updating of content and use of imagery that was memorable and personal. A website was designed and launched with e-commerce capabilities, for each course in-depth outlines were created, detailing course information, pricing, provided resources & expected learning outcomes. This approach gave the potential student key information for driving purchase decisions. A separate study zone site was created to house and deliver the e-learning, with its own embedded LMS (Learning Management System) which was available across any device. This was to ensure consistent and effective usability for all students. Extra free resources included e-books & podcasts. Finally, upon course completion all students were awarded PDF downloadable certification & for businesses; user analytics.  From there blog content was developed that highlighted concepts and approaches to leadership and management within different functions. All content scores high on key search terms in what is a competitive space. This was then supported by PPC campaigns in the B2B space, on-site analytics with constant conversion rate optimisation, lead scoring and outreach through LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, all integrated with a prospector CRM system with DICE profiling.

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