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us is a core of marketing professionals and a wider collective based out of London, but with a Work from Anywhere model. We work across the full range of disciplines and time zones – delimited by convention, connected by ability.

the us team


media · strategy

Career marketeer and publisher with background in international media and education. Equipped for online and offline.


management · content

Highly experienced agency professional who has worked across B2B and B2C large and small brands and organisations.


brand · strategy

Career brand marketeer, having worked with the likes of Coca Cola and the BBC. Experienced across all disciplines.


content · research

An experienced researcher focused on delivering thought leadership and quality, optimised content.


social · digital

Digital marketer in both B2C and B2B social media, email and online; including strategy, execution and analysis.


digital · visual

Paul creates great stories in animation and film backed by a strong digital and analytical background.

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